Yeah! We completed another Solar PV installation on 13th Jan 2023 at Taman Desa Botani, Batu Pahat!

With the smile from Mr. Tan and his family, our whole installation team felt the happiness and contended once the installation has completed.

Let’s have a look at what the whole installation process looks like:

All the material has been delivered to Mr. Tan’s house earlier on Monday of that week. On the day, our team departed from Johor Bahru around 8:30 am to Batu Pahat. Our project engineer – Amirul arrived on the site earlier at 9:30 am to coordinate with the skylift operator.

Once the installation team arrived at 10 am. Project Engineer and Installation head – An An started to conduct a briefing with the house owner – Mr. Tan. We coordinate the PV layout drawing, Inverter Location, and Wiring Route to ensure a smooth installation experience for all parties. Communication is always the key.

Since it is an outstation installation. In order to speed up the process, we divided the installation team into 2:

Internal: 2 person
– Install Inverter, prepare 5 AC cables, terminate at the sub-DB, estimate the length of DC cable & lay the wiring and conduit in advance

Outdoor: 2 person
– Access the roof via skylift, measure the roof, install tile hook, cut aluminum railing, install aluminum railing and install solar panel

Around 4 pm, all the installation has completed.

Then we proceed with the testing & commissioning, which includes:
– AC: Grid Voltage Incoming from DB
– Isolation Test
– DC: Open Voltage, Short Circuit & Polarity Test
– DC insulation test
– Inverter Functionality Test

And we are done!

By the way, here is an interesting story about Mr. Tan solar PV installation. ?

Sometimes even with a lot of experience in the delivery of Solar PV projects, something might happen.

Normally there are control panels on the basket of the skylift, but today, the skylift we rented, the control panel of the basket spoilt. So our team is unable to control it. We need to rely on the skylift driver to control it. Well, he is sitting on the skylift (which is far from the 2-storey house), and his sight view was blocked at a certain angle sometimes. So there was a time, accidentally, the basket hit the edge of the tile roof and lead to 3 tile roofs broken.

As we hold our values of Integrity, Accountability, and Flexibility. Our project engineer, Amirul went to source and purchase the exact tile roof and we helped to replace them.

And yeah! We make it back to the original! Hooray for the teamwork as well.

We always try our best to deliver solar panel installation within the time frame, meeting the client’s expectations and without any defects. But, sometimes, some hiccups might happen. When it happened, instead of hiding the fact or pushing responsibility away, we hold ourselves accountable and resolve the problem.

Once again, thanks for the trust given by Mr. Tan. Looking forward to seeing your TNB bill dropping down 90%!

P/S: We are using 545Wp Solar Panels. 12 panels = 6.54kWp. Can save around RM 345 per month.