Sustainable HVAC System

For commercial building

Green, clean, efficient, & climate friendly

Ventilation System for Industrial

Verdant Star VS2350 – 50W

Verdant Star VSW430 Industrial Grade

STW 1380 Industrial Exhaust Fan

Why Your Factory or Warehouse is So Hot & Unbearable?

Rising Temperature & Hotter Weather

Rising temperature and ever-warming climate become the key contributor of heat to factories and warehouse.

Heat Coming from Machinery & Equipment

Heat released from machines and equipment such as oven, furnace, boiler, steamer, generator, CNC machines, motor,  &pump, would make your workplace more hot and unbearable.

Human Activities

Human activities would also making your factories or warehouse warmer  such as welding, grinding, cutting, fabrication and etc. Most of the time, workers’ uniform would make the condition worse.

Factory Ventilation Design

Poor Ventilation Design is hard to eliminate the toxins in building material, thus, the productivity and healthy of workers will reduce

What can bring to the company

Maintain Optimal Temperature

It can make a serious different for the work efficiency which including the worker productivity, manufacturing process and storage of the product.

Sustainable Business Model

It can help to prolong the lifespan of machinery, as well as keep them to work at maximum efficiency.

Reduce Operating Cost

It can avoid the various ruin of the final products and lead to the waste of raw material and can achieve energy efficiency, and thus improve profitability.

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