Build a sustainable world for the future generation

By adopting the green and clean energy

Solana Tec

To deliver on the promise of sustainable development,  Solana Tec brings aim to innovative environmentally friendly, and high energy-efficient solutions. By providing ventilation systems and Solar PV system services, our customers can enjoy comfortable living spaces and save electricity. Green, clean, efficient energy can be used in a sustainable way around the world to protect the planet.

In Solana Tec, we promise to provide clean, useful and sustainable solar appliances solutions to our clients. By doing so, it is not only helping in reducing the carbon released from electricity generation but also helping in restoring a clean and environmentally friendly world to our next generation.

Our Vision

We aspire to become a leader for green communities to build a better life for current and future generations.

Our Mission

We are committed to a sustainable development in fighting against climate change.

Our Culture

Excellence at work

To achieve outstanding performance at work

Accountability at work

We take full responsibility in completing tasks & assignments

Integrity at work

Doing the right thing all the time

Team Work

We practice strong collaboration between departments


Be fully prepared and act fast in adapting to a change for better

Customer First

We practice customer-oriented approach & care for our customers

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