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Verdant Star Solar Roof Ventilation Fan

Verdant Star VS1750 – 30W

Verdant Star VS2050 – 40W

Verdant Star VS2350 – 50W


AC DC Power Adapter

Aluminum netting

Adjustable Thermostat with Switch

Remote Controller

What you can get when choosing Verdant Star

Common FAQ

The Verdant Star Solar Ventilation Fan comes with 5 years product warranty and the average lifespan of the product is more than 10 years.

The Verdant Star Solar Ventilation Fan is 8-10 times more effective compared to Turbine Fan. It also has high suction power and provides active ventilation to guarantee adequate vent flow for indoor space.

We have experience installing the ventilator in various roof types including tile roof, metal roof, concrete roof, and tempered glass.

Yes, sure. The ventilator will auto-operate during the daytime. For other times, you can upgrade this by using a power adaptor to run it even during raining, cloudy, and nighttime.

We have different models of Solar Ventilation Fan the choice of which model to be used will depend on levels of house stuffy issues, space, and house design. After assessing your hot & stuffy issues at your house with you, our consultant will provide you with customised solution.