Are looking for solutions on how to reduce your electricity bills or TNB bills?

Are you wondering how NEM 3.0 or NEM Rakyat works?

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Let’s us explain how does Solar PV system & NEM 3.0 works in saving your high electricity bill!

What is NEM 3.0? 

NEM 3.0 is the latest version of Malaysia’s Net Energy Metering program, designed to encourage the adoption of renewable energy, particularly solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. Under this NEM 3.0, the homeowner doesn’t need to purchase a battery system for the solar PV system, which in turn reduces their overall investment cost substantially.

The concept of NEM 3.0 can be explain in 2 phase: Day time and Night time.

During Day time, as shown on above picture, the energy generated by the solar PV system will be consumed 1st by all the home appliances. The remaining energy will then export to the Grid/TNB via NEM meter.

For example:

If the energy generated by solar PV system is 10 units or 10kWh.

The energy consumed by home appliances such as refrigerators or lights or ceiling fans is 2 units.

The remaining energy will be 8 units and it will export to the TNB. These exported energies will be used to offset your electricity bills on a monthly basis

During Night time, since there is no more sun, the solar PV system will stop functioning.

However, the homeowner still can use electricity as normal. These energy are supplied by TNB. The process of energy flow from TNB to home appliances via NEM meter is called IMPORT.

The imported energy will be recorded in NEM meter and charge to the homeowner on monthly basis.

Do you notice that your electricity bill will get higher if you use more energy?

For the first 200 units of energy you used, TNB only charge you at the very low rate of RM0.218, the next 100 units (201-300 units), it will charge you at the rate of RM 0.334. After 300 units, the rate will increase to RM 0.516, RM0.546 and RM 0.571 as per picture above.

The great thing about NEM 3.0 is that, the amount of exported energy will use to offset your electricity bill, starting from the highest tariff rate 1st, then move to 2nd highest rate.

Example like above:

Offset RM 0.571, then offset RM 0.546 then offset RM 0.516 and etc

Hence, in summary, with NEM 3.0 or NEM Rakyat, homeowners do not need to invest a lot of money on the battery system, and at the same time, they can save energy even most of the time they use the energy at night time.

Contributing to Society and the World

Embracing NEM 3.0 offers several significant benefits to society and the world:

  1. Reducing Carbon Footprint: By generating clean and renewable solar energy, participants in NEM 3.0 significantly reduce their carbon footprint. This helps combat climate change by decreasing greenhouse gas emissions.
  2. Energy Independence: Participants become less reliant on traditional fossil fuels, contributing to energy security and reducing Malaysia’s dependence on imported energy sources.
  3. Inspiring Others: When households and businesses participate in NEM 3.0, they set an example for others in their community and inspire wider adoption of renewable energy technologies.

In conclusion, Malaysia’s NEM 3.0 program is a win-win solution. It empowers individuals and businesses to reduce their electricity bills dramatically while simultaneously contributing to a more sustainable and resilient energy future for Malaysia and the world. The 1-to-1 offset concept ensures that surplus solar energy doesn’t go to waste but instead benefits both consumers and the broader energy ecosystem.

By harnessing the power of the sun through NEM 3.0, Malaysians can not only achieve financial savings but also become champions in the fight against climate change, all while promoting a greener and more sustainable future.

By the way, NEM 3.0 is finishing soon in Year 2023. If you are keen to save 90% of your TNB bill, do contact Solana Tec at 016-7203489 to get more information.